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Martab Medical

Allendale, NJ

Contact: John Marmo, president, 201-512-1100, ext. 228
Year Established 1966. Founded 50 years ago by Anthony C. Marmo Jr.

Primary specialties: Anesthesia, emergency services, critical care, neonatal, respiratory care and alternate care facilities; also, hospital equipment rental, and asset management products and services.

Biggest challenge in next 12 months:

The market is changing dramatically; companies like Martab Medical that are willing to change with it will find great opportunity. Conversely, companies that are stuck in the past or unclear of their future will have difficulty. Martab Medical has been fortunate, and we have developed both sides of our business – specialty distribution, and hospital equipment rental/asset management services. We recently signed a five-year agreement with Premier for peak-use rental equipment services. To accommodate that contract and others, we have grown to four locations; in the next five years, we will have locations throughout the country. We are developing the ability to nationally scale our regional business.


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From IMDA President Don Sizemore:

Healthcare weighs in on immigration order
Many in the healthcare industry- including medical technology firms and providers - believe that President Trump's executive order on immigration is bad for business and bad for patients, reports MedCity News. "This move will have a negative impact on the productivity of the biotech industry if it stands," Bassil Dahiyat, CEO of Xencor, was quoted as saying. "Talent is hard to come by and closing the door to any sources is bad." And from Dr. Peter Hotez, a pediatrician and professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston: "My concern is that any doctor or scientist from an Arab or Muslim country will now think twice about coming to the U.S. for post-doctoral study or a faculty position."

Dear Mr. Trump...
If the Affordable Care Act is to be repealed, the potential repeal and replace should be done simultaneously, said the American Hospital Association and 71 state, regional and metropolitan hospital associations in a January 27 letter to President Trump. "If repeal and replace cannot be accomplished simultaneously, the reductions to hospitals and health systems included in the ACA should be restored to ensure there are sufficient resources to provide care to the uninsured. Further reductions to hospitals and health systems should not be considered during either reconciliation or the replace debate."

Cancer rates down
The U.S. cancer death rate declined 20.1 percent between 1980 and 2014, to 192 deaths per 100,000 people, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports AHA News. For many cancers, the study found clusters of counties with higher mortality. "Clusters of breast cancer were present in the southern belt and along the Mississippi River, while liver cancer was high along the Texas-Mexico border, and clusters of kidney cancer were observed in North and South Dakota and counties in West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Alaska and Illinois," the authors said

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