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Salt Lake City, Utah

Contact: Bruce Brierley, President and CEO

Primary specialties: Manufacturer of gas sensing, analysis and delivery products


Biggest challenge in next 12 months:

Maxtec is preparing for the next level of growth after securing a new facility with surrounding land for expansion (2013-15). We are well on our way in recruiting new team members that come with a next level of experience to help us become a $50 million to $100 million entity.

During the next 12 months, we will be addressing internal systems and processes. We will be addressing new software systems, LEAN, Six Sigma, Kaizen processes that can help us improve efficiencies and lower cost in how we manufacture and operate. In order to pay for the new people, we need to reduce waste and improve our throughput. We also need to increase sales and get our new products successfully introduced

Biggest opportunity in next 12 months:

Maxtec is fortunate to be well positioned with its gas sensing, flow delivery and equipment stand bundles to gain from the hottest new oxygen modality Heated High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy. High flow is rapidly growing in the OR, RT, ED, ICU and even Home Care. It allows a patient to comfortably get 40-50 LPM of flow through a comfortable nasal cannula, which patients are prone to be more compliant to wear.  

 We are very excited about the new products that have just been introduced -- our 02 monitor and Maxblend. It seems like it took forever to get them to market, but the end result is very impressive and well received.

 Maxtec has some exciting large capital products for the NICU and L&D that command the attention of the key opinion leaders. They are truly hot-topic products for brain cooling and delayed cord clamping.  

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AdvaMed has commended House and Senate negotiators for the revised 21st Century Cures legislative package. “The package includes a number of important improvements to FDA’s medical device premarket program designed to increase the efficiency, predictability and transparency of the agency’s review process,” said Scott Whitaker, president and CEO of AdvaMed. “The most significant of these builds on initiatives already underway within FDA to help create an expedited pathway for breakthrough medical technologies – those that offer the best hope for patients with life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions who have no or limited alternative treatment options.”

 Olympus announced that two of its products were awarded Innovative Technology designations by Vizient Inc. – the VISERA 4K Ultra High Definition “Big Screen” surgery video system and the ENDOCUFF VISION® endoscopic device. The designations were based on feedback from 1,300 clinical experts and healthcare providers who attended the Innovative Technology Exchange at Vizient's Clinical Connections Summit. The ENDOCUFF VISION is the second-generation, single-use device designed to improve visualization for certain endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopies. Placed on the distal tip of a colonoscope, its hinged arms fall flat against the shaft of the scope to reduce slippage during forward advancement. During withdrawal, the arms flare out and stabilize the tip, gently stretching the mucosal surface to allow the physician thorough inspection of the anatomy during the search for polyps.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is accepting comments on a proposed update to its 2011 recommendations for the use of chlorhexidine-impregnated dressings to prevent intravascular catheter-related infections. The draft recommendation update is based on a systematic review of the evidence since 2010 and input from infection prevention experts and the public. Comments are due Jan. 24.

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