May 2011

Slow down the clock...and learn and network. Busy IMDA members call on equally busy hospital systems and IDNs every day. The upcoming IMDA Annual Conference will offer members a chance to slow down the clock and learn how IDNs make the purchasing decisions they do, and how specialty sales and marketing organizations can influence them.

Reptrax acquisition of Status Blue could be a good thing...but company's not talking. IMDA members were cautiously optimistic about IntelliCentrics' acquisition of Marietta, Ga.-based Status Blue. Members with whom IMDA Update spoke said that Reptrax is a more vendor-friendly organization than other vendor credentialing firms. And, on the whole, members welcome consolidation among vendor credentialing companies, hoping that it may reduce duplication of effort and expense. But the acquisition raised questions about credentialing requirements and fees, and IntelliCentrics -- owner and operator of Reptrax and VendorClear -- isn't talking. >> Join IMDA Now and Read More.

Medical device tax makes supply chain antsy. Supply chain players responded vigorously this spring to the IRS's proposal for implementing the 2.3 percent excise tax on medical device sales, which is set to go into effect January 2013. Hospitals expressed concern that manufacturers would pass the tax through to them. Manufacturers and general-line distributors expressed their continuing opposition to the tax, but offered the IRS comments on how it should be implemented if and when the time comes. >> Join IMDA Now and Read More.

A focus on focus. A focused approach could explain how Houston-based US Med-Equip -- IMDA's newest member -- grew from its founding eight years ago to a company specializing in the rental, sale and service of movable biomedical equipment for high-acuity medical settings, with 11 offices in five states (five in Texas, three in Louisiana, and one each in North Dakota, Mississippi and Tennessee). >> Join IMDA Now and Read More.

Pay attention to non-competes. IMDA members have heard IMDA legal counsel Mitchell Kramer talk about the importance of paying attention to non-compete clauses. Now, the rest of the distribution community has too. Kramer's article, "Non-competes," which appeared in the May issue of Repertoire magazine, has a simple message: Reps need to do their homework before signing an employment contract. >> Join IMDA Now and Read More.

Phil Reilly of KOL Bio-Medical retires. Phil Reilly of KOL Bio-Medical, long-time legislative liaison for IMDA and recent board member, has retired from KOL. But he will stay active in healthcare. Not only will he perform consulting on specific issues for KOL, but he will remain on the board of Medmarc, IMDA's partner in product and professional liability; and will chair the Northern Virginia Regional Healthcare Organization. >> Join IMDA Now and Read More.

Visit Mission Concepcion after the IMDA conference in San Antonio.

Visit Mission Concepcion after the IMDA conference in San Antonio.


IMDA Annual Conference
Slow down the clock...and learn and network

Busy IMDA members call on equally busy hospital systems and IDNs every day. The upcoming IMDA Annual Conference will offer members a chance to slow down the clock and learn how IDNs make the purchasing decisions they do, and how specialty sales and marketing organizations can influence them.

The conference, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas, begins with the annual golf tournament on Sunday morning, June 12, and adjourns at noon on Tuesday, June 14. In between, attendees will enjoy member-selected educational sessions, the Manufacturers Forum, the Awards Dinner, and hours of informal networking.

IMDA announcement

Make a difference

The future of specialty distribution rests on what happens today. And you can make a difference by serving on IMDA's board of directors.

Nominate someone -- or yourself! -- to serve on the board. E-mail IMDA Executive Director Katie Swartz or call her at (269) 532-1146.

You'll get back more than you give.

In the opening session on Monday morning, June 14, former IDN executive and consultant Dave Hesson will present "Making your case to IDNs: You CAN sell innovative technologies to cash-strapped, understaffed, complex provider organizations...if you speak their language." Value-based purchasing, comparative effectiveness, accountable care organizations and of course, budget crises, are affecting how IDN supply chain executives and clinicians make purchasing decisions, explains Hesson. IMDA members will learn how to meet them half way in this informative keynote session.

Following Hesson, Garrett Jackson, value analysis for BJC HealthCare, offers "An inside look at product evaluation." Each year, this large, St. Louis-based IDN puts as many as 120 new-product requests through a formal evaluation process. How will your technologies fare? How much weight does BJC assign GPO contracts, clinician preference, cost-savings and clinical efficacy? And how can specialty distributors increase the chance of their products passing muster with BJC and other health systems? Get the answers from someone who deals with it every day.

A highlight of the conference will be a panel discussion on "Building relationships between distributors and manufacturers." Moderated by Bay State Anesthesia's Shawn Walker, the panel will talk about "best in class" relationships. Interaction with attendees will be encouraged. Panel members will include George Howe, Mercury Medical; Tony Marmo, Martab Medical; Jim Thomsen, Vidacare; Tim Beevers, Beevers Manufacturing; and IMDA legal counsel Mitchell Kramer. No doubt IMDA members will learn that "best in class" isn't just a warm-and-friendly management topic. It's real, and it can be applied to manufacturer/specialty distributor relationships.

Member-led breakout sessions include: 1) sales rep compensation, 2) opportunities in the non-hospital market, and 3) world-class customer service and marketing. These peer-to-peer discussions never fail to yield exciting ideas.

As in years past, IMDA members will meet manufacturers of innovative technologies, who are looking for specialty representation, at the popular Manufacturers Forum.

The IMDA conference committee invites you to join your colleagues and friends in San Antonio for the Annual Conference. For more information, visit

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