IMDA Recommendations on Vendor Credentialing

In August 2008, after conferring with its own members and other interested organizations (e.g., AdvaMed, MDMA, HMMC, HIRA, HIDA, etc.), IMDA issued three documents on the topic:

  • Statement of issue. In the format of a "To Whom It May Concern" letter, President Shawn Walker lays out the key issues of vendor credentialing, including the dire economic consequences vendor credentialing can have on suppliers if certain measures are not taken.
  • Suggested attributes of vendor credential organizations, also called "third-party credentialing organizations." In this document, IMDA lists the 11 most important attributes of a vendor credential organization. It is hoped that hospitals, GPOs and other entities will give these attributes careful consideration before contracting with or endorsing a third-party credentialing firm.
  • Recommendations regarding vendor credentialing requirements. In order to bring some uniformity to the vendor credentialing process, IMDA recommends that healthcare providers focus on just four credentialing requirements for clinical sales reps (that is, those who require regular access to patient care areas and/or provide assistance to or consult with patient care staff while in the immediate vicinity of patients).

In March 2009, IMDA and a number of other supplier and provider organizations developed and sent to the Joint Commission the Joint Best Practices Recommendation for Clinical HCIR Credentialing. The recommended standards address credentialing criteria for clinical sales reps, that is, those who find themselves in the immediate vicinity of patient care, such as the OR or cath lab. This was updated in June 2009: Updated Joint Best Practices Recommendation - HCIR Credentialing.

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